ROHEPAT Summit 2019

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ROHEPAT Summit va avea loc in data de 24 aprilie la hotel Sheraton, in Bucuresti.


• 09.00 – 09.30 - Registration & welcome coffee


Romania’s commitment for viral hepatitis control & elimination: progress is here and it is challenging, since the final destination has not been reached.

Due to recent advances in treatment strategies and medications, the majority of those treated recover and HCV cure rates are presently over 95%. In Romania, in the last 5 years, the interferon free treatment doubled the therapeutic success rate (from 40% to 90%). At the same time, the cost efficency itself doubled as well, since the cost per cured patient lowered from over 100 k lei to 45 k lei. Success is here, but it is challenging, since the final destination has not be reached .

• How close are we to reaching the target of viral hepatitis elimination?

• Would a trans political commitment to recognize the HCV as a permanent public health priority help?

• Is the political commitment going to make hepatitis elimination more financeable?


Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health

Florian Bodog, senator, RoHepat National Ambassador


Hepatitis control & elimination needs policy continuity, boldness to follow the objectives, imagination, power to challenge the status quo and proactivity in embracing change.

• Europe without hepatitis. One vision, several pathways

• Mapping the European advocacy priorities on fighting hepatitis: the way from ”control” to ”elimination”

• Building trans-European bridges. The experience of CEE countries

• According to WHO ”political will is the biggest predictor of whether a country will achieve the 2030 elimination targets” Supposing the political will is in place. What next is needed?

• Who is driving the change? What is the cost of change?


Cristian Bușoi, member of European Parliament, RoHepat EU Ambassador, President, MEP Friends of the Liver

Diana Loreta Paun, State Counsellor, Romanian Presidency, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Laszlo Attila, President, Public Health Committee, Romanian Senate

Marko Korenjak, president, European Liver Patients’ Association / ELPA

Milijana Grbic, Romanian Office, World Health Organization

Angelos Hatzakis, Co – Chair, Hepatitis B and C Public Policy Association

Ricardo Baptista Leite, Founding President, UNITE – Parliamentarians Network to End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis

• 11:30 - 11:45 - Coffee break


There are key moments in the histroy of any system which have the potential to generate sustainable changes. Could it be possible for hepatitis to become a rare disease in Romania? Is 2019 the year when the countdown begins? Romania has a National Program for Viral Hepatitis Control. Do we have the right policy design and capacity – building? Technicalities, practicalities and money:

• Let’s talk priorities: shaping the right inclusive policies to ensure screening, prevention and universal access to innovative therapies? Can we design a priority plan within the wider National Strategy, through a clear, trackable action plan? What’s next?

• Screening & prevention. Information is power. What are the perspectives on the nationwide screening programs as a prerequisite for a national viral hepatitis monitoring system?

• Patient integrated management. Leading the patients through a 360 comprehensive journey: screening, diagnosis and treatment. Practicalities. Design a well-defined governance and management structure that can ensure a coordinated & efficient response and clear accountability

• The economics of Hepatitis. Is hepatitis C elimination cost saving? How do we fund the National Hepatitis Control Strategy? Do we have substantial sources of funding to implement the National Strategy, so that the programs are continuous and substantial? Can we tackle any innovative strategies for funding the fight against viral hepatitis


Corina Pop, Counsellor, Ministry of Health, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Razvan Vulcanescu, Vice President, National Health Insurance House, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Adrian Streinu Cercel, Manager, Matei Bals Institute, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Juergen Rockstroh, president, EACS - The European AIDS Clinical Society

Alexandru Rafila, member of the board, WHO Romania

Sorin Paveliu, health expert, ISPOR Romania

Jagpreet Chhatwal, assistant professor, Harvard Medical School

Mircea Manuc, President, Gastroenterology Commission – Ministry of Health

Elena Cristina Dinu, secretary, Committee for Health and Family, Chamber of Deputies, member of RoHepat Initiative Group             

Voting session: setting the first 3 priorities within the National Program for Viral Hepatitis Control

• 13:00 - 13:15 - Coffee break

• 13:15 - 14:30 - CONCERTO (PANNEL DISCUSSIONS)   

No Leonard Bernstein is needed. Co – producing the healthcare concerto is the new mantra, since viral hepatitis elimination is an outstanding burden for any stand – alone - government

• inclusive conversations with decision makers, patients, family doctors, hepatologists, key opinion leaders about dealing with hepatitis universe from a multi – stakeholder perspective. Who are the partners? What do they expect one from another? The importance of civil society & patients’ involvement in Hepatitis policy making. Involvement of public authorities.

• Impact of medical societies on hepatitis elimination. Policies and medical practice: the input of medical community


Francisk Iulian Chiriac, President, Braila County

Oana Mocanu, Director, National Health Insurance House 

Lidia Onofrei, Adviser, Ministry of Health

Mihaela Udrescu, Family Doctor, The Romanian National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF)

Marinela Debu, President, Patients with Hepatic Impairment Association, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Anca Trifan, President, National Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, member of RoHepat Initiative Group

Adrian Cotirlet, General Manager, Moinesti Hospital

• 14:30 - 16:00 - WORKING LUNCH   

Special guest speaker: Adriana Cotel, President, National Health Insurance House


Please note that participation to the Summit is by invitation only. 

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Mihaela Buligan, Community Manager